How can anyone gain muscle?

Hi everyone, welcome to another blog.

This is the question which is asked, numerous times. So finally I thought to write a complete blog on it.

The answer is very simple. All you need to do is follow these three things:

  • Weight Training
  • Caloric Surplus
  • Proper Rest

Weight Training

Everyone should weight train. Weight training leads you to become much stronger day by day.

Let’s come straight to point how to weight train.

All you need to do is HYPERTROPHY. Now HYPERTROPHY means the increase in cross sectional area of muscle tone, size and strength. There are three ways to achieve it:

Strength Hypertrophy : Follow for 6-8 weeks
 1. Lift Heavy - Focus on compound movements
 2. Perform 4-6 reps X 3 working sets
 3. Rest between sets - 3 to 4 mins
 4. Perform 2 warm up sets for each exercise before starting

Muscle Hypertrophy : Follow for 6-8 weeks
 1. Perform 8-12 reps X 3 working sets
 2. Rest between the sets - 90 to 120 secs
 3. Perform 2 warm up sets for each exercise before starting

Endurance Hypertrophy : Follow for 6-8 weeks
 1. Perform High number of reps.
 2. Perform 15 - 20 reps X 3 working sets
 3. Rest between the sets - 30 to 45 secs

Now the above shown strategy was a generic one, which everyone should follow. But which one to follow first and last, depends on your goal. That is a different topic all together. I will talk about that also in upcoming blogs.

Caloric Surplus

Without Caloric Surplus, you cannot gain muscle. From my personal experience I am telling you for sure, that I have wasted my few starting years thinking that “Hey I am going to gym daily, and performing some heavy weight exercise. I definitely Gain Muscles” . I underestimated nutrition at that time. But I don’t want you guys to repeat the same mistake which I did back in my days.


For caloric surplus, all you need to do is to first calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

BMR – It simply means how many calories you are burning, when you are not doing anything ie. when you are at total rest. Adding you have not eaten anything for at least 12 hours.

There are many apps online which you can find online and calculate your BMR. Depending on your activity levels, it will show you your daily calorie intake.

  1. For Lean/Clean Bulking add 300 calories to it. (Gain 0.7 pound of muscles + 0 fat)
  2. For Normal/Good Bulking add 500 calories to it. (Gain 1 pound of muscle + 0.2 pounds of fat)
  3. For Heavy/Dirty Bulking add 2000 calories to it. (Gain 1.5 pounds of muscle + 2.5 pounds of fat) NOT RECOMMENDED

There is a GOLDEN RULE : For every 3500 calories = 1 pound of body weight.

Proper Rest


Not only muscle during complete rest ie. when you are sleeping, growth of other parts of your body also takes place. But here let’s talk about only muscle.

All day long when you perform your workout and then you take you complete meals, your body gets all the nutrients from that meals which you have taken already. Now these nutrients traveled in your blood stream, and supplies all the nutrients to the various parts of your body.

It is recommended for any individual to take 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

These were the THREE PILLARS for any goal to achieve.

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